In December of 2010, Rapunzel's Lice Boutique and Lice Brigade became the exclusive provider of AirAllé™ Professional Head Lice Treatment System in Michigan. In March, 2012 the Grand Rapids expansion started. In February of 2013 the Grand Rapids location branched off and became its own entity, Remedy Lice Boutique. The AirAllé™ is a medical device, cleared by the FDA, for the treatment of head lice and it has been shown in clinical studies to kill 99.2% of the lice eggs. This treatment is now the Gold Standard for head lice treatment. With one visit, clients are free of lice. The photo to the left shows the dramatic results of the AirAllé™ treatment. The shiny object on the right is a louse egg prior to treatment. The dark shriveled object on the left is a louse egg after treatment.